Tips For South Africans Wanting to Build an Online Business!

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Tips For South Africans Wanting to Build an Online Business!

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Hard Truth Tips About Earning Money in Business Opportunities.

It’s easy to become skeptical about making money on the internet, or with other sorts of so called magic business opportunities, and unfortunately a lot of them are complete rubbish, some are scams and some total crap!

No doubt your email inbox may also get a lot of spam offers promising instant riches, or telling you that you have won the lottery or some rich uncle you never knew has just left you enough money to buy a small island…..

After 10 years of experience of having my own online business, building up about 7 successful network marketing opportunities and now being a successful work from home dad I can safely give you some hard tips about earning money in business opportunities! Take Heed!

  • A Proper Internet Business

Making Money Online is a process that takes time! You can make some extra cash fast doing online, but a real online business that will make you money month after month, will take about 2 to 3 months to build.

I joined a program in 2010 on how to build an online business, did the course, built my online business, and since then just maintain it. It consists of different streams of income which I believe is important for your own safety, so if one fails, the other backs it up. I just maintain them all these days.

  • Online Jobs & Surveys.

Getting some extra cash in part time using the internet is possible if you do join a solid online jobs portal withy freelance work. Good ones cost you a membership and if you are not prepared to pay this then leave it.

You MUST do online jobs like writing Jobs or other freelance work properly and take out memberships with proper companies. Back in 2006 I joined an online jobs portal, did a few jobs, and a company I wrote some articles for, liked my writing style, and offered me a permanent contract writing for them. I earned an extra R5000+ per month with them for over 5 Years!’

  • Digital Products and Software.

If you want to create your own information products then go for it because this is a huge industry online because the internet runs on information. I have books on Kindle which earn me royalties month after month and these were written some time ago.

You can build a huge income on Kindle alone but I was not really into it so just tried it out more than anything else. Do a proper course on this to learn what to do and you will definitely make money this way. Either join the membership one with CB here or do the one Kindle Publishing.

  • Online Share Trading.

My son struggled to find a proper job, and does barman work when there are jobs available. While he was browsing around online he discovered online share trading which interested I him. (I also have my own account chichi believe is a safe legal way to keep some funds safely tucked away off shore)

Anyway, He joined an online share trading platform and took many hours carefully studying how everything works. He started by making small trades and built up from there. He does well and has worked out a solid very clever strategy of his own, where you risk only 2% at any given time using stop losses etc. I asked him to write me a blog on this system, which I will post on the trading blog this week.

  • A Proper Work from Home Business.

Starting a home business is great and very satisfying and my advice is doing something your passion about.  South Africa is one of the easiest countries to start your own home business.  My advice is to invest in guides and research information on the internet on whatever you want to get involved in.  The potential is endless in ideas and some work from home can be found here.

  • Network Marketing Opportunities.

Joining network marketing opportunities can be a great source of residual income but watch for restrictions many of them have.

I built successful business quite a few SA network opportunities where I was earning in excess of R4000-R6000 PM but even so I left l them, because some of them had conditions which forced you to recruit people EVERY month or lose your commission. It was painful to lose these incomes but I have principles I believe in. The most recent one I have joined WITH TRUE RESIDUAL income is super and you can find about it here.

Well there you have some advice you can use or not. Be prepared invest time money and hard work into building any sorts of business. What you put in is what you get out just remember that.

Where there are business opportunities with memberships these are great because they offer good support, and you WILL earn the costs to cover your memberships anyway. Stay away from the free, cheap programs and those that promise you the earth in a matter of days. Use common sense and soon enough you can be your own boss online and a successful work at home mum or dad too!