Should You Invest in Crypto Currencies? Here is Some Personal Insight from SAWFH.

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Should You Invest in Crypto Currencies? Here is Some Personal Insight from SAWFH.

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Investing in Crypto

Are Crypto Currencies a Good Investment Now or Should You Wait Until Later?

Crypto Currencies

What to Know About Investing in Crypto Your Way.

NOTE: Please note that this article should not be considered as professional legal, investing, or any related financial or tax advice. Just some simple straightforward insights here.

Cryptocurrency news and information has become more prominent than ever before on news and social media websites, making people wonder whether it could be a good investment while these currencies are still young. Lots of this news is hype but the reality is that crypto is here to stay and in the future will become a mainstream currency with each type having its own unique function.

You may have read that many of these currencies including Bitcoin have been rather volatile recently with major ups and downs (‘Bull and Bear runs’), with some caused by news articles featuring wealthy individuals sentiments, like Elon Musk and Bill gates for examples, and others caused by both positive and negative news articles.

Cryptocurrencies in my personal opinion are here to stay and will be the currencies of the future and with a simple search on Google, you will find some interesting details, opinions and facts on any type you search for…

If you have always wondered how to get involved it is really quite simple but my advice to everyone is to start small and learn what it is all about.

How Do you Get Your Hands on Crypto Currencies?

There are multiple ways to buy cryptocurrencies and it is now easier than ever before. You can earn some doing surveys with certain companies, by playing games, from drops in new launches, or buying those that are cheap and holding them for future growth.

*The first thing you will need is a secure wallet to keep them in and my recommendation is Coinbase. 

Whatever you do in cryptocurrencies, whether playing to earn some, buying to hold some or trading in them, you are going to need a secure, reliable crypto wallet

Coinbase wallet

This is one of the most secure wallets around with a nice diversity of different cryptocurrencies and easy ways to get your hands on some. You will find that there are a number of steps to follow to create a wallet and you will find that this is extremely secure all for your protection.

Within this wallet there are multiple ways to buy and trade crypto and even ways that will allow you to earn some completely free.

Pro TIP: Choose cryptocurrencies that have been around for the longest and it does not need to be Bitcoin either as there are dozens of others. With some research online you will find all the information you need to know about any crypto, that is to say their functions, the history in the market and lots more.

Some Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency.

You may have seen some of the main cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin experience major swings lately.  The price of Bitcoin has been rising and falling by hundreds of dollars in a  single day.

Looking forward and where Bitcoin has been it can give you some insight of what to expect in the future but once again some study is important before jumping in boots and all.

Naturally like any investment advisors may recommend buying low and selling high but the most important point of all to remember with any investment is patience pays off.

Many smart traders will tell you future projections are going to be extreme in the main cryptos like Bitcoin, Erthereum, XRP and stellar. Following on the heels of these main ones all the others will follow.

The Future Growth of Crypto Currencies.

In my opinion, cryptocurrencies are going to be huge in the future, and many applications from games to software will run on secure blockchains which are already happening today. There are even a few games on the apple and google play stores already where you can earn crypto free.

Here is an interesting article regarding this  CLICK HERE

These games allow you to buy , sell, earn and trade on market places all using different crypto’s which can exchanged for all other types of cryptocurrencies that are function \ for their own purposes.

Getting Started in Crypto Currencies

To get into the crypto market is simple by following some basic steps:

  • Open up a wallet with ‘Coinbase’ as recommended previously by clicking here
  • Begin by investing in the crypto of your choice with a minimum amount of money to allow you to experiment and learn
  • Learn about your chosen crypto and follow news on this and Bitcoin cycles as many crypto’s follow Bitcoin patterns and cycles.
  • Diversify your portfolio by taking out some alternative cryptocurrencies. Watch their performance and investigate future projections.
  • Remember a salient point that being unregulated means that no one can really say they are a Crypto financial \advisor expert.
  • Each person has to do their own due diligence and make their own decisions.



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