Residual Income for Life! You Want In? First 50 Takers Get Special Priority!

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Residual Income for Life! You Want In? First 50 Takers Get Special Priority!

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Easy Residual Income … for Life!

Make Money Online


Help is at Hand…. You Want in?

Everything just looks too difficult for you in all these business opportunities don’t it? You have just about given up that there is any money to be made on the internet.  Maybe you think everything is a scam? You have convinced yourself it just can’t be done…

You have spotted a few promising business opportunities, and then after talking yourself into getting stuck in… after a while you talked yourself out of it didn’t you?

Help is at Hand! So Tell me Whats this all About Now!

I am going to show you how to build up a residual income for life!

Collecting royalties from Amazon month after month has to be one of the best — and easiest — ways to living a financially free lifestyle.

For instance, thousands of people just like you and I can do nothing for an entire month, and those royalties continue to come in like clockwork. (I do!)

We all know that celebrities bank huge royalty checks month after month, and even those that have passed on like Michael Jackson; his estate collects royalty paychecks of millions of Dollars per year…

What might shock you is that there actually IS a way for anybody to tap into a pool of growing royalties from huge companies like Amazon and many others…  save the cash for a rainy day while you are working, and let the wealth pile up by itself…

…Or use your royalties to live a lifestyle of comfort and financial freedom.

Just like celebrities and people who make a living collecting royalty checks, you don’t need to do anything once you’ve tapped into the program.

You just sit back and watch the money pile up, or build on it to increase the amount in royalties you receive.

Whats the Secret?

There’s no product easier to create or sell online than a simple, straightforward instructional or how-to e-book, stories or educational guides. But how are these e-books going to be the perfect tool to generate royalties on the Internet?

I am going to share exactly how this can be done and you are going by having:

  • 100% profit margin.
  • No printing costs.
  • No inventory to store.
  • Quick and easy to update.
  • No shipping costs or delays.
  • Higher perceived value than regular books.
  • Quick, simple, and inexpensive to produce.

My very first e-books have generated Thousands in sales (so far) and others since continue earn royalties month after month.

My total investment in learning how to earn a residual income through royalties when I started was a course I invested in that was just $175.

But wait!…Now, I want to share with you how to make huge profits creating and publishing simple e-books on Amazons Kindle

Normally my guides sell for anywhere from $29 to $79, like for example the Type4life Freelancing Guides.

However, to make it affordable for you to get started enjoying a residual royalty income,

I’m going to let the first 50 people have This course………for only $19 which in Rand will be around R200 — a massive savings of $30… which was the original recommended price where you will save R400.

All others after the first 50 will pay full price of $49


 Launch is In about a month when I will be finished with the course I have been creating, which will show you step by step how to collect royalty checks month after month.

There will be an English version and an Afrikaans version

It’s easy to do, anyone can do it, and best of all I am going to personally help you EVERY step of the way to get started until you earn your first cash!

If You Want One on One Help?  This is where I will help you set up everything, publishing account, including showing you how to apply for a  Visa MasterCard debit card, to accept payments, and even provide additional resources for an additional training fee of R150 for 60 days!

If you are interested and want to be the first in when its launched email me subject (Yes Please….English) or (Afrikaans Asseblief!) This so I know what version you are interested in. Use this email address