Get Involved in Play to Earn Crypto Games and Get in on The Fun and Action ASAP.

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Get Involved in Play to Earn Crypto Games and Get in on The Fun and Action ASAP.

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Here is Some Useful Insight into Play to Earn Crypto-Games and Some Links to Help You Get in on The Fun and Action.

Play to earn Crypto Games

In the last article, we talked about Crypto Currencies. In this post learn how to get some playing crypto games.

*NOTE: Please note that this article is not be considered professional legal, investing, or any related financial or tax advice in Cryptocurrencies. Just some simple straightforward insights on Play to Earn Crypto here.

As crypto becomes mainstream numerous articles in the media and information on cryptocurrencies is freely available online.

One of the most exciting innovations of crypto is how it is going to turn the gaming industry around and already many play to earn games are being developed as you read this.

What does it mean for the average person that loves a great game?

It means you no longer have to place heavy investments in crypto out of your pocket but you can earn cryptocurrencies playing games you love.

Play to earn games is being developed in all gaming genres from casino games to MMORPG, massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

To make it easy for you to find out what games are currently available in play to earn games and what blockchain and tokens they run, let me make it easy for you to find out what is currently available or upcoming. CLICK HERE 

Plat to Earn Free Crypto Games

One of my personal play to earn crypto games that I have been a member of for quite some time now is ‘Gods Unchained’ and I love the game and all its features.

Whatever device you have you will find the type of game suitable and there are even a few on the Apple and Google Play platforms.

It’s smart getting in early while games are in Beta and you will probably be able to take advantage of the many freebies and features of these games before they become mainstream.

Another one I am involved in is mining crypto on Alien Worlds a simple browser game that allows you to mine Trillium and earns NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

You will need to stake a little WAX to get started and it really is one of the simplest games in development out there that is already functional.

So What do I need to do to get Started In Playing to Earn Crypto?

Obviously, you will need a crypto wallet and the best one to start with is Coinbase.  This wallet deals in all the top popular cryptocurrencies and is extremely secure and versatile to manage your crypto portfolios.

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Many games will have their own wallets which can be opened completely free and you can transfer your money between the wallets as well as convert it into any of the currencies you wish to use.

Play to earn is just one of the easiest ways to get your hands on free crypto with some other popular methods that include

  1. Buying Outright through your crypto wallets.
  2. Mining like in Alien worlds.
  3. Staking setting aside crypto tokens to validate security networks.
  4. From NFT and crypto token airdrops during launches
  5. Completing tasks like surveys, watching videos etc.

However, this is not exhaustive and for this purpose, we are focussing on Play to Earn games.

Browse through some games on the list at the link above, and you will find that some even offer you free crypto for becoming members or downloading the games.

How do You Earn Crypto in Play to Earn Games?

In Gods unchained for example here which I have been a member of for quite some time, you will earn free cards from playing weekly tournaments and each time you level up.

To begin with, you are given free welcome packs all of which already have a value that allows you to play against other players. (See Below)


Gods Unchained

These free cards you earn from playing can later be forged and minted to become your own, and then you can list them in the marketplace for sale.

Most games will earn you crypto from playing matches and tournaments, for levelling up, for mining and staking within the games and from selling in-game assets like NFTS.

Play to earn crypto games are going to be huge and already the gaming industry is growing in leaps and bounds so my advice is to get in games that appeal to you early.

Although some are still in development you can add yourself to their whitelists for notifications and be the first to get freebies and other benefits just for giving them support. get in on the action today.

Crypto Games Online


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