Did You Pay Attention About Bitcoin 4 Years Ago?

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Did You Pay Attention About Bitcoin 4 Years Ago?

January 19, 2018 Recommended 1

My Bitcoin in a Post 4 Years Ago Did you Take Note?

Bitcoin South Africa

Here is how South Africans Can SAFELY get their hands on Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies…

Over the years I have recommended many ways to make money online for South Africans, and a few times I have recommended Bitcoin as a great investment.

In most cases, I take my own advice and I am glad I did because I have quite a lot of bitcoin in my Crypto Currency wallet as well as Ether.

I also mine on two platforms which automatically pay the BTC and Ether directly into my wallet.

There are a lot of scams out there… so I am going to steer you in the direction where you can get bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency SAFELY…

Firstly let me remind you of the posts I wrote a while ago…

Here are some of the Posts I wrote 4 years ago:

Invest in Bitcoin 2014

Make Money With Bitcoin

Do yourself a Favour and Get in on the CryptoCurrency Market Today!

Bitcoin has risen like a mad thing in the last year but it has settled down now and once again now is the time to think about getting onboard. Bitcoin will now rise slowly but surely and is said that it will stabilize at high levels while becoming an accepted virtual currency.

Follow these Simple Instructions

You should first open A Free Bitcoin Wallet in order to receive your BTC or cryptocurrencies that you mine…

This is one of the best and safest rated called CoinBase which I Use CLICK HERE!

(It takes a few seconds to open, you immediately get $10 BTC, and you can refer it like I do)… ( Create your receiving payment address and copy it down somewhere safe)

Now…Start mining bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, the one close on its heels called Ether which I also mine but there are a number of other Cryptocurrencies besides this.

******If you want to mine bitcoin Ether or any of the cryptocurrencies SAFELY here is how…

Follow these Simple Instructions

Click on the Banner Below first…

‘NOTE** You can get discount by Inserting this code: wOh26R ( This is Not an Affiliate Link…)

Mine Bitcoin


Choose how much power you want to buy and then you can mine any of the cryptocurrencies you like once you have bought an amount of Power and you can safely make the purchase with your credit card… Add your wallet code in the payment section and the cryptocurrency automatically gets paid into this…





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