Online Writing Jobs For Serious South Africans!

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Online Writing Jobs For Serious South Africans!

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How to make Money with Online Writing Jobs.


When I started looking for ways to earn extra money online back in 2006 my first search was for online writing jobs or as some call it, online typing jobs. In the beginning I was able to earn a few hundred extra per month by choosing small writing jobs, because I didn’t have much experience then, and I had to learn what to do.

As I gained experience choosing writing jobs for different clients, one of these a company in the US like my style and offered me a contract to write for them permanently, and that was the start of earning a substantial income every month.

For about 4 years I earned close to R6000 pm writing an average of 12 articles and blog posts per day. My older son also started doing these jobs part time, and ended up specializing in blog posts, and earned close to half of that

There is good money to be made doing online writing jobs considering the internet runs on information, but you have to do it properly. Start with easy stuff and when your experience grows take on more complicated work which pays extremely well.

There are currently some great portals offering online wiring jobs, but it is quite tedious finding suitable work for your level of expertise, and sometimes you need bid a price for the work you are going to do.

It is also important to be choosy when taking on typing work, because you want to make sure you are going to get paid for your work.

There is a good reason Online writing jobs portals all charge a membership fee. This is done because there are too many people half hearted about completing the required tasks, and some do slapdash low quality work.

Online jobs and online typing jobs memberships thus weed ensure serious people join, and if you are serious these fees are covered quite easily anyway.

A Streamlined Online Writing Jobs System is now Available.

I have been approached by a portal to advertise their new system which offers sending online writing jobs by email right into your inbox every day, which is an easy, convenient way of finding and choosing what tasks you want to take on.

The advantage of this excellent system is saving time on tons of research finding the best online writing jobs. The membership fee is very affordable, and you get the best legitimate offers to choose from emailed to you daily.

There is a 14 day trial offer to take advantage of, so take a look at this online writing jobs offer here or click on the banner above.