New South Africans Only 5 Ways To Wealth!

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New South Africans Only 5 Ways To Wealth!

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South African Business Opportunity

5 Ways to Wealth South African Business Opportunity Offer

Last week I was contacted by a South African entrepreneur from the Eastern Cape with an advertising request for a new business opportunity. I have pasted his email in below this post as is.

It is super that South Africans now have the chance to earn an income online with a super new business opportunity that has been put together called 5 Ways To Wealth

So far this has taken me quite some time to download because it truly is huge about 3 Gigs in fact. What I have seen in what I have downloaded up to now I am rather taken aback that he is charging such a low price for such a lot of resources and guides.

I will go through everything once I have finished downloading it all today, and provide some feedback and a review on this blog soon. Below is his request.



Dear Richard,

My name is Louis Momberg and I came across your websites while looking for ways for South Africans to earn extra money on the internet.  Like You, I am also a work at home entrepreneur but it has been a frustrating and VERY expensive process to finally achieve the earnings I always wanted. 

Most programs I have purchased have been extremely expensive with our rate of exchange and with people having little money to invest to start their own business online its obvious why there are so few successful online South Africans entrepreneurs.

With this in mind my partner and myself have spent a number of weeks, carefully putting a special package together suitable for South Africans that will help them start earning money  using the internet.  We have taken over the domain learntoearnsa and we have recently launched it and are very excited.

Although this cost us quite a lot of money purchasing the material, we have made it very affordable to everyone with a once off payment, and also added a payment system that makes it simple to buy even using EFT with our own banks.

I would like to ask you whether you would please be so kind to advertise this on your website and blogs? You can have a look at the business opportunity here.

To cover the advertising and also allow you to do a full review of this package we have decided to give you the program free which can be downloaded here….  I have also attached some advertising banners for your convenience.

Please contact me to let me know whether you will consider our request, and should you prefer paid advertising instead let us know what your rates are?

Looking forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely

Louis Momberg