New: How to Get Started With This New South Africa Bitcoin Mining Business Opportunity.

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New: How to Get Started With This New South Africa Bitcoin Mining Business Opportunity.

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South Africa Bitcoin Mining Business Opportunity.
south africa bitcoin mining business opportunity


Get Involved in the New South Africa Bitcoin Mining Business Opportunity.

Recently I mentioned business opportunities of the future in a past article and I mentioned getting involved in Crypt Currencies one that is called bitcoin. After some research into the matter I am happy to offer you a super new south africa bitcoin mining business opportunity that anyone can take advantage of…

By now everyone should have heard of Bitcoin which is claimed to be the future internet currency and most importantly of all it is controlled completely by you rather than through the banks, or by governments. Currently 1 Bitcoin is trading at over $600 on the stock exchange and the value continues to increase.

On 9th July this year a phenomenon called the ‘Halving’ has taken place which could cause the value of the Bitcoin to increase even further. Read more about this here.

Let me First Explain What Bitcoin is in Simple Language:

Bitcoin is a finite Virtual Currency that is becoming more popular as the days go by, even now traded on the stock exchange as mentioned above. It cannot be inflated by money printing, and there are a maximum of 21 Million Bitcoins to be mined in total.

The Bitcoin is broken down into decimal places so that these 21 million Bitcoin can be up to 1 millionth of a Bitcoin, making it an accessible currency to everyone on the planet. Bitcoin is created through a mining process using computers to work out mathematical equations to create each Bitcoin called blockchains, and a lot of power/electricity called ‘Hashpower’ is used to make this possible.

With higher demand for this virtual currency, which is completely controlled by you, it is getting harder all the time to mine them, whilst at the same time, demand is increasing and that inevitable demand is in turn driving investment and innovation.  There are now many other virtual currencies being created called crypto currencies, all convertible back into Bitcoin. These are called Litecoin, Etherium, Darkcoin, Bytecoin and many others.

Rather than invest in Bitcoin, it is wiser to invest in a mine to mine it for you, because there are a lot of investment scams in Bitcoin, and some really good ones too that will lure you in and steal your money!

Below are basic conversions of how Bitcoin are broken up….

Conversion Rate 1 Bitcoin = 100 Million Satoshi 
1mBtc = 0.001 Btc = 1 thousandth of a bitcoin
1 Bit = 0.000001 Btc = 1 Millionth of a bitcoin
1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Btc = one 100 millionth of a bitcoin, the smallest unit.

Try this free online 
Bitcoin Converter so that you can get used to the values of this virtual currency.

Bitcoin price is already worth more than $600 on the stock exchange, and is set to soar as more people realize that this is the future of Trade and Barter, without Banks in the middle to steal it, and issue promissory notes despite the reality that they are simply not underwritten by anything tangible

After much research and frustration I might add… I have finally discovered an easy way to get involved in the mining of Bitcoin, and there is a rapidly growing brand new mining company offering a Bitcoin mining business opportunity suitable for South Africans.


Click below to Download the guide

south africa bitcoin mining business opportunity

Getting started is quite easy and you can join free to begin with until you are ready to make your first investment. Your investment buys hardware which is added to a mining farm that will mine crypto currencies for you…

Most companies that are involved in mining Bitcoin for you with daily returns, prefer that you invest in Bitcoin to begin with, and this is where it gets a little tricky.

Over the last month I went through quite a lot of frustration in just getting Bitcoin to invest with… because it is not just as easy as going out and buying them.

I have written a guide with a few steps and screenshots that you can follow to set up a Bitcoin wallet, how to get your hands on Bitcoin to invest in the mine, and then to fund your mining hardware investments.

Download This Guide to help you get started

The company that you can invest in is known as Dragon Mining, and what makes this  such an exciting South Africa Bitcoin Mining Business Opportunity is the fact that it is new, and when you invest you are actually buying the hardware.

Take a look and read up what you want to know about Bitcoin on their website including videos and photos of the set up.

Up to $1.00 per day Profit.

With Bitcoin mining it is possible to earn up to $1 per day on the smallest investment package they offer, and even that works out to a few hundred rand extra per month.

If you are interested in Bitcoin, then download the guide which will help you buy Bitcoin, and then you can fund the investment package that you prefer.

You can also spread your investments into other mining companies later if you wish, according to the ones that offer the best returns. I have added one that I am also mining with in the guide which is optional.

( If you have a strong computer and want to mine directly let me know and I will show you how to do so. It’s a lot slower though and can take a long time to give you a satisfactory return…)

After all the research I have done into getting into Bitcoin this definitely is the top South Africa Bitcoin Mining Business Opportunity and what’s more, it is always a great idea to invest in developing companies, and considering Bitcoin is already used by thousands of merchants, don’t get left behind.

Download This Guide to help you get started

You never know what happens with country currencies and I don’t want to be negative or political, but look what happened to the money in Zimbabwe?

It is quite difficult to get Bitcoin BUT when you own Bitcoin you can rest assured that you have a safe investment that you can convert anytime anywhere back into the currency of your choice.

There are even Bitcoin visa MasterCard’s now, and as mentioned before, Bitcoin is traded on all stock exchanges now. Get the facts about what Bitcoin is all about and read the frequently asked questions on this website

If you want to get involved in this up and coming south africa Bitcoin mining business opportunity for South Africans, then feel free to contact me if you get stuck at anytime.


Download This Guide to help you get started