Make Money With Kindle Exclusive Offer Until End March Only!

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Make Money With Kindle Exclusive Offer Until End March Only!

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How to Make Money Writing for Kindle Fast and Easy!

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Super Deal Make Money With Kindle Offer Until End of March ONLY!

It’s my birthday this month on the 21st But I Want to Give YOU a gift! STRICTLY valid until End of March Only!  You want to make money fast and easy and fun and today I am offering you this once in a lifetime deal …take it or leave it!

I have mentioned that I earn a great residual income from Kindle from over 70 books I have published, and I regularly publish new ones as well, and I want to share with you exactly how to do it in a course I have put together. Its so easy to do and I am surprised people don’t take advantage of it.

There are some screenshots in this article to show you I know what I am talking about…

Writing books for Kindle is also something you can do after work or when you have free time and you are guaranteed to make money with your books because of newly published books get top exposure on Kindle.

I painstakingly also translated the course into Afrikaans the best way I can, so that you can follow through with it and yes if you want to write books in your native language and publish them then that is also perfect and there is also a great demand for other language books including Afrikaans books too. Below is a look at my account of some books I recently published



This  massive exclusive offer I am giving you is everything you need and  includes the following:

The Complete Course for how to get published Step By Step Newbie Friendly Including:

  1. 6 Currently usable book templates,
  2. A detailed writing course showing you how to write and what to write about,
  3. Step By Step Kindle account set up newbie friendly.
  4. 4 Expert Authors Kindle Secrets Guides
  5. 5 Detailed Videos From Start to Finish that shows you how to set up your account right through to getting your Book Published
  6. Over 70 Beautiful Kindle Book Covers you can use  optional because there is a cover creator in Kindle you can use too
  7. And Tons more to much to list in this post.

NOTE: As Mentioned before…There is an Afrikaans version included for South Africa Subscribers. Write under different pen names fiction and non-fiction on any topics you desire… See Below


This entire package would cost you over $70

In my mission to help others, I am going to give you everything to become a successful author for a once off payment to my Paypal email of just $12 and just until the end of March Only.

My PayPal email is

Please Send me proof of payment and I will send you the download link. Once you have the course I will also provide you with any email assistance you need.

NOTE: Again this until the end of March only. I will not accept any payments after this, and I will just send your money back to you.

Grab this great once off deal and see how easy it is to cash in writing books.

Lastly, if you would like me to provide you with books to rewrite then contact me and I will provide you with 10 for $5.00 or as many as you like IE: 20 for $10 etc.


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