Email Marketing: What You Need to Know to Get Started!

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Email Marketing: What You Need to Know to Get Started!

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Building an Email Marketing Business to Make Money Online.

Email marketing


Email Marketing…A Powerful Way To Make Money Online!

Today I want to talk about email marketing which is one of the most powerful ways of building a profitable income online. Extremely effective powerful email marketing when done right can make you a lot of money and all the while you build a list of happy responsive subscribers too. It does take quite a lot of effort building up a list of subscribers but when you have it is important to take good care of them and offer them value all the way.

Email marketing consists of a sort of pipeline or funnel system which is the term used by internet marketers. You need to create a good flow from start to finish getting your subscribers on to your email marketing lists.

Here is a description on how your powerful pipeline system works to build up your list:

  • You Create/ Find an attractive– Good Giveaway Product.
  • You Design – A High-Converting Lead Capture or Squeeze Page.
  • You confirmation thank you page send Leads to a One Time Quality Related Affiliate Offer
  • You Create Attractive – “Thank You” & “Download” Pages.
  • You Create a Personalized Auto-responder Sequence.
  • You Separate the Buyers List from the Fence Sitters.
  • You ensure sending daily emails, and Regular Newsletter Broadcasts.

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If you never had an idea on what method you wanted to pursue to build an internet business, my recommendation would be email marketing.

Building Relationships.

It is important to remember that subscribers are not just numbers on your list but real people. One important question many people ask me is how often should one send out messages to your lists? Well I cannot say there is any hard and fast rule but let us look at some facts here…. The goal of an email list is to make money, right?

So, how many promotions can you send to your email list if you’re only emailing 3 times a week? Probably 1, maybe 2 – and that’s pushing it because you are NOT providing enough value if your messages are more promotional than content rich. The point I’m making here is that there could be a million different reasons why someone is not ready to buy your product on any given day –

…and since you only send one promotional email a week… you most certainly are going to leave a lot of money on the table. That’s inevitable and your job as a marketer is to market so do it right. Email marketing is all about selling but most importantly taking care of the people on your lists.

They joined in order to find solutions, advice, get updates, or training, so give that to them.

Don’t worry about people that unsubscribe from your lists when doing email marketing either… because perhaps they only wanted the freebie or incentive  and were never going to buy anything from you anyway.


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