Earn Extra Income Online Writing For Yourself! (No Pressure!)

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Earn Extra Income Online Writing For Yourself! (No Pressure!)

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Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income Online Writing for Yourself.

Earn Extra Income Online Writing

Let me introduce you to one of the easiest ways to earn an extra income online doing writing work for yourself! You can do it part time and take as long as you like as well.

The easiest way to earn a residual income online is from writing books that you publish on Kindle, and although it is so simple to do, few people have taken advantage of this.

I still write one book a month in between all the other work I do online, and publish it. Now all the books I have published up until now continue to earn me money month after a month, even those I wrote almost 2 years ago. In the beginning my book earned me a few Dollars and Pounds but as I added more and more titles this has become a substantial income.

You may bemoan the fact that you are no author, and you don’t need to be either, because I painstaking created a step by step course on how to write books for kindle in English and In Afrikaans complete with screenshots, writing tips, and even subjects for writing ideas.

Let me repeat, that this is one of the easiest ways to earn an extra income online. I even offer one on one email guidance to help you get your first books published for free.

Getting Started Publishing your own Books on Kindle.

You can go and take a look at the kindle publishing course I created CLICK HERE ; which I made available at a ridiculously low price everyone can afford, even though it took me weeks to develop the course.

I can even go one better for you and offer you PLR articles, and books which can be rewritten and published on hundreds of different topics in every type of niche. If you want to really earn an extra income online the easy way then consider writing books and publishing them on kindle which is simple, and free as well. Best of all Kindle do all the marketing and advertising for you.

Earn extra Income Online. Money Online In South Africa

What to Write About?

Everyone has a good story to tell or an opinion on something, or maybe you have some tips, recipes, braai techniques, or enjoy making up children stories for your kids. The books you write do not have to be long like 100 pages either, and most of mine range from 15 to 40 pages long.

Creating a cover for your books when you are ready to publish it can be done when you publish your book, with a simple cover creator in your account.

Work a bit on your book in the evenings after work and share something you are passionate about in a book. It can be about any subject you can think of. I will be glad to help the first 10 people that buy the course I created which can be found here.

After you have bought the course you will find my email contact details available and I will do everything possible to help you earn an extra income online that will grow as you publish more and more books.

Afrikaans books are in great demand and there are unlimited topics you can write about that suit you. If your book is really good it could even become very popular and when this happens you can earn tons of cash.

To earn an extra income online with absolutely no pressure from anyone and all you need to answer to is you consider writing books and publishing them on Kindle. Work at your own pace when you feel like it and eventually your book will be ready. When it is published kindle will let you know and you will feel quite accomplished too.

Go take a look at the Kindle Publishing Courses I have available and make up your own mind.