9 Facts About Writing Jobs Success. (You Need To Know These!)

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9 Facts About Writing Jobs Success. (You Need To Know These!)

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Online Writing Job Facts

Writing Jobs Online 9 Things You Need to Know Before you Begin!

Online Writing Job Facts 

In case you haven’t read in past articles, I started my work from home journey/career as a writer. While freelancing doing writing work for clients, I was offered a full time writing gig for a large US company and from there earned around $5000 P/M.

Over the years while doing these writing jobs I gained knowledge and experience in many fields, so later branched out to earn money online in many other ways too. Writing jobs is the quickest and easiest way to make extra money on the internet but you can fail even before you earn your first Dollar.

If you are interested in doing online typing work for clients there are a few important facts you need to know if you want to make a success. In addition consider getting my Guide Freelancing for Beginners which has valuable insights.

 1.Fact You Need to Have Good Writing Skills.

This s does not mean you have to be Wilbur Smith, Danielle Steele, or have a degree in English grammar, but you need to be able to write well. If you are sketchy with writing it is wise to get a few guides to brush up your skills a bit, because you need to become competitive. There is more guidance and advice about that in my guide mentioned above.

With practice your writing improves naturally so eventually you can charge higher rates and thus earn a lot more for writing jobs you do

  1. Fact You Need to be Your Own Editor.

Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to have my client be a great It is important to be critical on your own work and proof read and edit it until you are satisfied enough to submit it. Editing allows you to spot spelling and grammar mistakes, and you should never rely on MS tools because they are never perfect. You have to also be balanced and not too harsh on your work and realize that perfection is never going to be possible.

  1. Deliver Writing Work On Time.

The more you write the faster you will learn to write meaning you can take on more tasks, and earn more too. As above this skill improves with practice. In the beginning accept small writing job tasks and deliver them on time, until you find you can churn out lots more in the same time. That’s when you start doing more to earn more in less time of course.

  1. You need to Enjoy Doing Writing Work.

Online writing jobs can become an online job you hate just like your real job so it is better to find out whether you enjoy writing before becoming a full time freelancing writer. Doing it for the reward is great but it is even more fun when you have a passion for it too.

  1. There is a Learning Curve to Becoming a Successful Freelance Writer.

All sorts of people start writing jobs, and realize it’s something they really love doing and to become better at what they do read guides, invest in tools to hone their skills, and even start writing for their own benefits. It does not take long to see what side of the fence you are on after you have done a few writing jobs and either fizzled out or becoming passionate about going forward.

.Writing Jobs

  1. Learn About Freelance Writing.

It is a good idea, actually vital to learn as much as you can about the writing jobs market.  I have been a writer since 2005 and now write for myself mostly though I still do tasks for others occasionally as well. A good start to get deeper insight into freelance writing is to get my Beginners Guide to writing Jobs here!

The best way to learn about writing jobs and the realities of freelance writing online is by talking to someone who already does it. If you pick up my guide you are welcome to contact me at the email address in it and I will be glad to guide you.

When I was beginning to freelance, I improved my skills by investing in countless guides and these helped me make a success but also gave me tools to branch out into other fields of writing from blogging to full on books.

  1. Build a Reputation for Being a Quality Writer

It’s hard breaking into the market for freelance writing because who will pick you when you have not got any experience. To build up your reputation means offering lower rates when you start out and being prepared to offer free examples of your work.

Small businesses can be a great place to begin for your first clients, and you could offer to keep their blogs updated write website content or manage their social media accounts.

Mention to potential clients you are willing to doing writing jobs such as articles, write newsletters, manage emails, social media posts, press releases, or edit flyers for some examples.

Other options are schools, local papers, and non profit organizations which are always looking for filler content. All this builds your portfolio and reputation

  1. Specialize Writing work.

After you have been doing writing jobs for some time you will realize you enjoy certain work more than others and if so move into specializing in this type of work you have a passion for.

This way you end up becoming an expert in your niche and clients will seek you out to offer great rates for your work.

  1. Don’t Expect Overnight Success– and Never Give Up.

Like in most business opportunities people lose interest too soon, and never follow through to realize their income dreams.

If you are employed you are lucky to be able to supplement your income doing part-time writing jobs. This could give you a consistent income stream while developing your skill to allow you to become a full time writer in the times ahead.

So you are ready to become a freelance writer – and that’s great because you can. Get My Beginners Guide to Freelance Writing and learn more and then go ahead and empower yourself.