6 Points to Know About Eezywealth Newsletter

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6 Points to Know About Eezywealth Newsletter

June 8, 2016 General News 0

6 Points to Know About Eezywealth Newsletter.

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Here are some points to be aware of and also one of my recent newsletters as well below:

  1. My subscribers are from all over the world, with the majority of them being South Africans and UK visitors so you also might find a lot of news targeted to South Africans and United Kingdom.
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  6. Sometimes newsletters are written to specific country subscribers which are divided into 3 groups US, UK and SA.

Here is a newsletter I sent in June: SA targeted


make Money online Updates

June Newsletter Greetings Everyone,

Hope you are Fine!

I have been updating the websites with the newest business opportunities so go and take a look if you are looking around the internet to earn some extra cash online. I only allow legit advertisers to place their offers on these websites so you can join the one you like with complete confidence. Visit the country specific website to see your offers.

South Africans:

Unfortunately it is quite expensive to get started with an internet business because of the Rand/Dollar exchange rate, but remember on the flip side, earning Dollars is pretty lucrative right?

In that vein considering our poor exchange rate, and also because my son and I trade forex; we stay abreast of the financial news and market data!  It does look a bit gloomy in times ahead for the Rand currency.  No matter how optimistic you are being realistic! A few days ago I read this article for example:

http://www.fin24.com/BizNews/van-vuuren-economic-mismanagement-takes-toll-r20dollar-inevitable-20160603 Scary stuff right?

This paragraph below is Not Financial advice so please do not take it as such!

If you are a regular guy, why not consider stashing some cash offshore in a trading account, and fund it using your credit card, and then pay the credit back in Rands; and then do it again until you have built up a tidy little nest egg?

(Your money is completely safe with licensed, regulated registered trading companies the likes I have accounts with, and can be withdrawn whenever you need it… You can also learn to trade if you like, even if you have never traded before…)

Even FNB   bank has billboards offering people to open accounts to save in Dollars …now why would they do that if they had any confidence in our currency?

Learn about trading, and to start with just submit your details directly after reading this website link below,  and when you have, you will be able to speak to my trading account manager, or a consultant that will tell you exactly what you need to do to open your account!  Just remember there is no obligation, but at least listen and ask all the questions you want answered!. Click here for More!

In my last newsletter I also offered subscribers only to help with uploading your websites. This is if you want to start and run your own internet business with John Thornhill.  >>>For your best benefit take out the minimum package of $10 p/m which is R150… which is really worth it!<<<

This is the offer I am talking about…

John Thornhill Free Monthly Websites Offer
Visit the SA Rated Page for the opportunities South Africans are making a success of which can be found on the main website South Africa Work from Home and also download the free guide of the top 10 business opportunities off the blog while you are there.

Till next time be well, do well and get ahead.

Warm Regards

Richard Eezywealth.com

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