5 Tips For Completing South Africa Paid Surveys. (+ Multiple Paid Surveys Panels.)

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5 Tips For Completing South Africa Paid Surveys. (+ Multiple Paid Surveys Panels.)

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Making The Most of South Africa Paid Surveys.

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Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings & Experience Doing Paid Surveys!

One of the easiest and most popular ways to earn extra money online in your spare time is completing market research and getting rewarded for it. These are commonly known as surveys.

If you want to make money doing surveys then you need to investigate paid surveys, but if you don’t mind getting all sorts of different rewards that some companies prefer to pay for market research, then you can do every survey that comes your way.

Paid surveys are those where you are paid cash to give your opinion and feedback.

Other surveys market research may reward you with free samples, discount shopping vouchers, prizes, and gift vouchers to name a few examples.

Although you may not get rich doing paid surveys… when you start doing those paid surveys that pay out in Dollars, it becomes a whole lot more worthwhile than ever before…Do the math at R14.30 odd per Dollar exchange rate right now…

Lots of people email me asking me what the best paid surveys for South Africans sites are to join so I took a few hours to do some research, including contacting the support groups of various membership programs.

Before moving on to that let me give you some advice and tips about making the best returns on paid surveys for South Africans.

(Below are some Survey examples. Click On the Image to See this Paid Surveys Panel!

South Africa Paid Surveys Panel

  1. Maximizing Earnings and Rewards for South Africa Paid Surveys.

Naturally the more paid surveys you do and the more time you spend on then the better the returns are going to be. Problem is looking around where to find them and it may mean registering with dozens of different companies and websites. If you are truly keen to earn money doing paid surveys for South Africans then take out a membership with one of the recommended South Africa Paid surveys panels in this article listed below.

  1. Keep a Spreadsheet and Proper Records

If you do multiple surveys then you will be doing them at different times and some of the surveys can range from 15 minutes to longer to complete. This means they will also pay out at different intervals and you can end up losing track of what you have done, what you need to get paid for and what surveys you still have pending in your lists.

For some companies it may require registering with them in order to do the surveys which means you need to create user names and passwords for security. Use a spreadsheet to take note of these as well to streamline earning from your surveys.

  1. Be Diligent and Honest when Completing Paid Surveys.

Be honest when answering the questions while doing paid surveys, even if your answers are negative ones. Market research is done to improve products and customer services, for branding, to get consumer feedback on products, and for new product launches.

Secondly set aside a time when you want to do complete surveys and stick to it. If you want to do a few paid surveys a few hours every night then stick to that time. Right now there is not a whole of worthwhile programs to watch on TV so now you can use this time productively.

  1. Doing South Africa Paid Surveys.

When joining paid surveys panels make certain that they cater for South Africans because some of them are country specific. Also investigate how payments are made, which are commonly into PayPal or by check or bank wire. (Opening up a PayPal account is free as well!)

Sometimes you need to meet a certain threshold before payments are made so take note of this as well. For South African paid surveys that may send you free samples and other rewards make certain you have a valid postal address or post box to receive them.

  1. Getting Started Doing Paid Surveys.

You are going to be excited and enthusiastic when you start doing paid surveys and you need to keep this positive mindset and be consistent in completing your surveys… be patient because in the beginning it is slow to start seeing good amounts of money coming in, but slowly and surely these earnings will increase.

You will find some of the surveys very interesting and some a little boring but answer the questions properly and you will be rewarded for your opinion.

Even I often complete surveys sent to me and have earned some excellent rewards from large advertising coupons to free samples being sent to me.

Companies that note you are a diligent survey taker will single you out and offer you better paybacks for your opinion to do exclusive surveys for them.

Below are the South Africa paid surveys suitable panels you can consider joining, and while you are here and wish to see lots more information about surveys that are available for all countries Visit This Link.

Paid Survey Panels That Accept South Africans

South Africa Paid Surveys


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